Privacy Policy

We never share any information on our customers or our suppliers.

Sanitation Products of America (SPA) does not keep, collect, or share personal or payment information beyond what is required to complete your transaction. SPA never shares any customer or supplier information in an effort to protect privacy on both ends.

Payment is secure through Paypal or Venmo. Your payment information remains with them, never reaching SPA.

Secure card payment options are offered through Paypal and Venmo, which can be used without an account. Your card information never reaches SPA, keeping you safe and secure while enabling a quick and easy checkout. Should you choose to pay through your account(s) for either service, your personal information is not shared with SPA beyond what is required for your order completion.

If you choose a PO or have another arrangement with SPA your personal information remains safe and secure.


All cookies saved from the SPA site are to keep track of your order history and preferences. No cookies present collect personal data.

If you choose to sign up for our newsletter, you agree to share your name and email with SPA and receive regular email updates on sales, products, and holiday schedules.

Do not share your account details with others, your user name and password are unique to you.